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EarthLink Email Update Wizard Windows-only: Use the Update Wizard to automatically configure certain Outlook Express and Outlook email clients. Learn more
EarthLink Access Software Use EarthLink Access Software to get connected. EarthLink Access Software not only helps you minimize connection problems, but also lets you take advantage of the innovative features EarthLink provides to its members, such as spamBlocker, Pop Up Blocker, and more. Learn more

Protection Control Center Get the most complete protection for your computer with our AntiVirus, Spyware Blocker, and Firewall protection tools from the EarthLink Protection Control Center. For more information
High Speed Software If you need to set up high-speed service (such as DSL, Home Networking, Satellite, etc.) and can't use the EarthLink Access Software, this software will help you set up your Internet connection. For more Information
EarthLink PC FineTune Want a faster, more efficient computer? EarthLink PC FineTune gives you one-click access to a comprehensive array of tools to easily improve your computer's performance and speed. For more information
EarthLink Toolbar Add speed, safety and convenience to your surfing by downloading the EarthLink Toolbar.  This toolbar provides one-click access to your WebMail & Google search capability, along with real-time protection from risky web sites.  And our Show Fast Sites features makes hundreds of web sites load 80% faster! For more information