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Web Hosting Migration
Web Hosting Migration
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  • Last modified date: February 11, 2010 10:02


Your free upgrade includes:

  • More disk storage for your Web site
  • More free bandwidth for your Web site (with most accounts)
  • More mailboxes, with 100MB of storage space each
  • More Mailing Lists
  • More Auto-Responders
  • Access to Web Mail
  • Virus Blocker
  • spamBlocker
  • Upgraded Control Center


Web Hosting Migration
Migration Information
Migration Information
Reviewing Your Web Site

You were sent an email that indicated on what dates your site would have a duplicate copy.

* The current Web site, seen by the public at its usual Web address.
* A private Review Copy of your Web site, using the upgraded service.

Before your migration, you must review the Review Copy of your Web site to make sure that everything is working properly. On the date provided, the Review Copy of the Web site will replace the current Web site at the current Web address, and will be seen by the public.

The Review Copy of your Web site can be found at the following
Web address between the dates that were provided in your email:

NOTE: Replace "yourdomain" above with any of the domains that are being updated (listed at the top of this email).

If you find any issues while reviewing the Review Copy of your Web site, please contact Web Hosting Support at 1-800-955-0186

Details About Your Upgraded Control Center

Your upgraded features will be available on the dates specified in your email. To check out your new Control Center, sign in with your domain name, the username "admin" and your existing domain password at: https://cc.earthlink.net

Once you've changed your records, the upgraded Control Center will be controlling your Web site. On the main page of the Control Center, you can view your new bandwidth quota and new disk space quota in the top right corner of the page. To see the number of mailboxes you have, click on the "Email Management" link on the left side of the page.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the new Control Panel will control the Review Copy of your Web site before your migration date. When the Review Copy goes live then the new Control Panel will be controlling the live, publicly accessible, Web site.  
Your current Control Panel (control.business.earthlink.net or control.business.mindspring.com) will no longer control your Web site after your migration.

Managing Your Web Site

After your migration, you will manage your Web site through the new Control Center. Just sign in with your domain name, the username "admin" and your existing domain password at:  https://cc.earthlink.net

If you use FTP to upload files to your Web site, your new FTP settings will be listed in the Control Center under the "Client Settings" link on the left side. You can also use the File Management tool on the Control Center site to upload Files.

After the migration, your current Control Center will no longer control your Web site.

New DNS Server Information

If you use Earthlink name servers, you should have already changed the DNS server addresses in your domain registration.  The new DNS server addresses are:


If you host your zone file externally, you should have updated the A records for




to point to:

If you use EarthLink's email servers, you should have updated your MX records to point to:


If you haven't already made these changes, please do so immediately to avoid possible service interruption.

IMPORTANT: Please note that once you've made these changes, the former Control Center (control.business.earthlink.net or control.business.mindspring.com) will no longer control your Web site.

Checking Email

Your incoming email is now being delivered by a new incoming email server (or POP server). You must switch to this new POP server or you will stop getting email messages.

To check your email on the new POP server, you can either add the new POP server to your email software, or check your email by signing in to Web Mail at: https://webmail.hosting.earthlink.net

The new POP server address is: pop.hosting.earthlink.net

We recommend that you check both your current and the new POP servers for a few days to make sure that you don't miss any messages. After you stop getting messages from the old server, you can stop checking it for messages.

Email forwards set up under your domain account will not require any changes and will continue to work as they currently do.

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