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What is Windows 8 Metro Mode
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  • Last modified date: October 24, 2012 11:10

What is the difference between Windows 8 Metro and Windows 8 Desktop modes?

Metro is the new interface for software found in Windows 8.  Programs run in Metro run full screen similar to what you would see with a tablet based device.  For example, here is a screen shot of Internet Explorer running in Windows 8 Metro mode verse a version running in classic desktop mode.

Windows 8 Metro - IE is displayed "Full screen" with no permanent URL bar or minimize/maximize buttons. 

Windows 8 Desktop Mode - Internet Explorer is presented in the classic "Windowed" format seen on earlier versions of Windows.  You can maximize the window, but it will retail familiar URL and minimize/maximize buttons. 

Newer programs designed for Windows 8 will always run in Metro in a Full screen format.  Older programs or programs like security software that require more operating system interaction than Metro provides, will run in classic desktop mode.

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