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EarthLink Online Backup Information & FAQ
EarthLink Online Backup Information & FAQ
  • Article ID: 154252
  • Last modified date: December 10, 2013 17:12

EarthLink Online Backup allows you to Back up, store, share and access all your digital content with EarthLink Online Backup! Your documents, music, videos and photos are securely stored and easily accessible from

Whether you’re at home, a friend’s house or work, EarthLink Online Backup delivers your digital content from anywhere with an Internet connection. Play music, view photos and videos, and share your files with family, friends and colleagues. All your digital files are consolidated into one, easily accessible location.


Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the System Requirements for installing EarthLink Online Backup?

Following table describes the system requirements for all EarthLink Online Backup Desktop and Macintosh 




Operating System

EarthLink Online Backup


Compatible with


  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8



Compatible with


  • Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard
  • Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard
  • Mac OSX 10.7 Lion
  • Mac Maverick


EarthLink Online Backup Explorer


Compatible with


  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8



No Supported Version


What levels of storage are available with EarthLink Online Backup?

There are three tiers of storage available.

  • 50GB
  • 250GB
  • 500GB


I'm not sure how much storage I need. How do I decide?

How much storage you need depends on how you want to use it.  If you are backing up your harddrive, you might want to check how much space you are using on your harddrive and then get an appropriate plan.  If you are mainly wanting to use it as a place to storage pictures and videos then it will depend on how many photos or videos you have.  

You can store 1000-2000 digital photos on as little as 50 GB of space.  However, if you are backing up HD video files you may want to use the 250GB plan.  If you are an avid photographer/videographer storing large amounts of HD video and high resolution photos, the 500GB may be a better choice. 

How do I sign up for EarthLink's Online Backup?

EarthLink Online Backup can be signed up for by contacting EarthLink Sales.


I've signed up for EarthLink Online Backup. How do I download the software?

The EarthLink Online Software can be downloaded from

For more information on installing EarthLink Online Backup, see the Installing EarthLink Online Backup article.

How many computers can I backup?

You can install EarthLink Online Backup on as many computers as you like.  EarthLink Online Backup is only limited by the amount of total storage you are using.  

How do I uninstall EarthLink Online Backup?

EarthLink Online Backup can be uninstalled from your Window's Add/Remove Programs menu.  Simply click your Windows Start button, go to Control Panel and look for Programs and Features or your Add/Remove Programs menu.  Select EarthLink Online Backup from the list of installed programs and then click the Remove/Change/Uninstall button at the top of the window.  Follow the on screen instructions to remove the software.

Uninstalling EarthLink Online Backup will have no affect on the files you have backed up to the server.

If I decide to cancel EarthLink Online Backup, how long will my backup up files be available to me on the server?

Cancelling your EarthLink Online Backup will immediately remove your access to backed up files on the server.

What is the EarthLink Online Backup Explorer?

The EarthLink Online Backup Explorer is a Windows based software program that you can used to easily setup and configure backups on your Windows XP, Vista or 7 computer.  The EarthLink Online Backup Explorer allows you to select what files and folders you want to backup as well as the ability to simply drag and drop files into your backup.

How do I backup files?


Open the EarthLink Online Backup software and click on the Backup tab on the left of the page. The basic folders of your computer (Documents/Music/Pictures/Videos) will be selected by default.

You can select other folders of your computer, by clicking on Change Selection on the bottom of the page.

Click the checkboxes beside the folders you want to backup and click Apply

Now click on Backup Now! button to start the backup.

Macintosh OSX

The Macintosh interface allows you to select to back up Files, Music or Photos.  Simply click the appropriate tab for the types of files you want to backup.

Then click the Add Folders button and browse to select the folders you want to backup.  Click the Back Up button when you are ready.


How do I schedule a backup automatically?


Open the software and click on the Settings button at the bottom left of the EOB screen.

After clicking on the 'Settings' button, another window appears with a list of selections that a customer can select to backup the data. Click the Apply button when you are finished.


Macintosh OSX

Open the software and click the Schedule button at the top of the program.

Configure the Automatic Backup Settings window to run backups when you want them.  Make sure you configure the Files, Music, and Photos sections and select which files and folders you want backed up when your automatic backup runs first.

How do I restore a file that has been backed up?

Windows Computer Software

If you are using the Windows computer software, click the Restore button on the left side of the software. The basic folders of your computer (Documents/Music/Pictures/Videos) will be selected by default.  

You can also select other files/folders in EarthLink Online Backup by clicking on 'Change Selection'. 

Click the checkboxes beside the files/folders you want to restore and click Next

Now select the place where you want to restore the data. You can even add a new folder by clicking on 'Add Folder'. After selecting the appropriate location, click Finish to start restoring the data.


Macintosh OSX

If you are using the OSX software, click the Restore button on the top right of the software.

Browse to the file or folder you want to restore and check the box next to it.  Then click the Download Now button to download a copy of the file.  You can also chose to click the Restore! button if you simply want to restore the file or folder to the original location on your harddrive.

From the EarthLink Online Backup Website Interface

You can also go to and click the Online Files button to download backed up files from EarthLink Online Backup's website.  Just select the file you want and click the file to access the download option.  Just click Download when it appears and select the location you want to download the file to on your computer.

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