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EarthLink Access Software v 8.0 Script Errors
  • Article ID: 35735
  • Last modified date: June 23, 2010 4:06

This article describes the script errors in the EarthLink Access software v 8.0 and what do to about them.


Since BARTSHEL is a customized version of Internet Explorer, customers experience and call about script errors with this software. As BARTSHEL reads through the scripts that are part of this software, the line number, character and description of the script error can significantly change as the customer clicks on “yes” to continue running scripts on this page. But the root cause of the script error is the same.

The most important thing to remember or ask a customer about a script error is; did the script error occur before or after connecting to the Internet? Another way to determine this is to ask for the url it references, does it start with http:// or file c:\\program file. You cannot adequately fix this issue without knowing this important distinction.  

“Before connecting” script errors more than likely WILL require a reinstall of the software if the “re-register Com Objects” button in the Dialer Settings Control Panel App doesn’t fix it. For Control Panel App, refer to KB article 385452.

“After connecting” script errors on or the Earthlink homepage more than like will NOT require a reinstall of the software to fix them. It is an error on a server webpage. Expectations need to be set with the customer that EarthLink will fix it as soon as possible but there is nothing they have to do (or can do) on their computer. They can update their Microsoft scripting engine however this usually does not work. Most customers, especially XP SP2 and Vista already have the current scripting engine. This was more of a solution a few years ago.


Pre and During Connection Script errors


Pre Connection Script Error

During Connection Script Error
In the EarthLink Home Page

General Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Attempt to get the customer to recreate the error on the phone with you. They will be able to do this even on a one line call since it occurs before they connect to the internet.
  2. If the dialer doesn’t open, use Alt, Ctrl, Del and go to Task Manager and Processes tab. End all instances of BARTSHEL.exe. Then try to have customer re-open the Connection Manager.
  3. If the customer definitely has the software installed and it won’t open or gives an error while opening or trying to configure settings, go into the Control Panel Application, “Dialer Settings” and have the customer click on “Re-register all COM Objects”. If there are any missing dll files, uninstall and reinstall the software.
  4. If “re-register all COM objects” is successful, have the customer go back to the desktop and try to open the software.
  5. If any or the same errors occur when trying to open the software, uninstall and reinstall. Be sure to have the customer temporarily disable customer Anti-virus/ Firewall
  6. If the customer has uninstalled and reisntalled multiple times, the software may some conflict with something on their PC. Build a Dial-up Network connection for the customer.

General Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Have the customer describe how and when they get the script error, how long it’s been going on, etc.
  2. Find out if the customer is answering “Yes” to “Do you want to continue running scripts” to get beyond the script error.
  3. If the customer CAN get beyond the script error and browse/send and receive email etc., try to set expectations that there is nothing the customer needs to do on their computer and that EarthLink will get it fixed but it may take more than a few days. Emphasize, it is an error on a server webpage and can be fixed but not on their computer.
  4. The customer can try updating the Microsoft Scripting engine on their PC but this RARELY is the solution.
  5. If the customer has called multiple times and is frustrated, ask if it is ok to view password, and put username, password, software version (8.0) and brief description of script error into Single Customer Affecting Issue ticket. Set expectation that this is to get the issue resolved on the EarthLink server. Someone will not be able to call them with a solution.
  6. If the customer cannot completely load the EarthLink homepage because of the script error or gets “permission denied”, put username, password, software version (8.0) and brief description of script error into Single Customer Affecting Issue ticket. Build a Dial-up Network as a work-around until the issue is resolved.

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