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EarthLink Access Software v 8.0 Main components and how they work
  • Article ID: 35752
  • Last modified date: June 11, 2017 22:06

This article describes the major components of the EarthLink Access Software v 8.0, how they interact and are supposed to function for the customer.


Installing and Uninstalling:

  • The typical installation places EarthLink Access software, EarthLink Toolbar and Simple Switch onto a customer’s PC:

  • Although it is not installed automatically, customers have the option as well to install PCC (powered by Kaspersky) from Start\\Programs. All the necessary set up files for PCC are placed onto a customer’s PC when they run the CD install. However the download only has Access software, Toolbar and Simple Switch:

  • Help is a .chm file installed with the software which has solutions to common issues. It is also accessible off of the main Connection Manager screen via the question mark in the upper right hand corner:


  • Accelerator is installed as part of the Connection Software install and it is controlled by its components. It does NOT show up in Add/Remove programs and it does NOT have its own sys tray icon. It is uninstalled when you uninstall Earthlink Access Softwarev 8.0 in Add\\Remove Programs.
  • All of the installed components should uninstall via Add/Remove programs. If by chance Add\\Remove programs does not remove the EarthLink software, running PPCOUNIN.exe will remove all 3 components (Access software, Toolbar and Simple Switch). PPCClean.exe cleans up some remaining files and registry keys. It runs after the reboot, however, it can be manually run as well from the System32 window.


  • The primary registry keys for the software are:
  • There are dozens of registry keys associated with the software (like most software). Here are some that are left AFTER uninstall. They should not cause any issues however they are still on the customer’s PC:
    Dll reference keys in HK_Classes_ROOT\\CLSID\\_\\ImprocServer32
    Hkey CU\\App Events\\Event labels\\EarthlinkSignOff
Important components of the software:


  • Control Panel App: Dialer Settings
    • Refer to KB article 385452. This application has been in previous versions of this software but now it has 2 new components which will  hopefully help customers and Technical Support by decreasing the need for software reinstalls. There is an option to re-register all software dll’s (dynamic link libraries).


  • Bartshel.exe is the primary exe of the software. What can be confusing for customers and you as agents is its name does not reference EarthLink or Access software.  There are dozens of files that are installed during the installation process, however, this it the most important file.
    • This executable is used when the customer clicks on the icon and is the GUI the customer configures to select access numbers and dialing preferences. In KB articles or in training, we might call it the dialer or the Connection windowor the Welcome screen however at a functionality level, it is all Bartshel.exe. Refer to KB article 385396 for Common Errors.
    • When open, BARTSHEL is a highly customized instance of Internet Explorer. This is the GUI of Bartshel.exe customers configure and use to connect to the internet. Refer to Virtual App _______________ to get all screenshots of the Connection Manager.

  • This is Bartshel.exe as well. Once the customer has successfully connects to the internet, Bartshel transforms into the customer’s home page but it’s still Bartshel.exe, slightly different than if the customer just opens up a browser and goes to their EarthLink home page and logs in.

  • This is also Bartshel.exe:

  • The small gray EarthLink icon in the system tray. Once a customer is connected, the sys tray icon looks like this:

  • When accelerator is working, the sys tray icon looks like this:


Briefly, this is how Bartshel.exe works at a basic level, showing 3 additional files which interact with it to provide its functionality:


  • Typically, there will be 2 .exe program files running on the customer’s PC. Once the software is installed, Bartshel.exe and PPShared will be running in the background of the customer’s PC. PPShared controls and handles communication between the various Bartshel.exe interfaces like the customer GUI, the sys tray icon and the homepage once a customer is connected. (In this example, there are 2 instances of Bartshel.exe running which indicates a problem)


  • The Dial-up Networking connectoid which is created at installation and is maintained has to exist in order for Bartshel.exe to function, however, it is a placeholder or dummy connectoid.  EarthLink is the connectoid created and used by the software:


However it doesn’t really do anything and modifying the access number in it, for example, will not change the numbers the dialer dials. The access number listed is a generic non-number.


The Accelerator is the same as with Total Access and the stand alone Accelerator

  • The Accelerator (PropelAC.exe) is built into Bartshel.exe. From a support standpoint this means:
    • There is no reference to it in Add/Remove programs so it cannot be uninstalled separately.
    • It cannot be installed separately from the connection dialer.
    • It does not have a separate icon which displays in the system tray. To change Accelerator settings, a customer can use either the Bartshel.exe sys tray icon, the main dialer (Bartshel.exe) window customers use to connect with or from the homepage.
    • It cannot be turned on from start/programs but can be disabled from the EAS system tray icon. If it is not disabled, Accelerator will automatically activate when a customer is connected via EAS to the internet based on their billplan/whether or not they have Accelerator on their account.
  • The Earthlink standalone accelerator cannot be run on the same PC along with this software and accelerator. Standalone Accelerator needs to be uninstalled along with Total Access for this new software to function properly.
  • It is installed as part of this install both on the CD and download installs. It does not need to be downloaded and installed separately.

During the CD install, everyone will come to this point. If they are already a customer, they select the second option:

  • Then they are prompted to type in their full EarthLink email address and password. Note: There is no ability to have multiple users or profiles with this software. An EarthLink customer can connect with any user login they wish,however, there is no way to save profiles, preferences or login information.

  • Here is what a typical install looks like in C:\\program files: 

The Access software (Bartshel.exe etc) is installed into the EarthLink folder and Accelerated is placed in its own folder:

  • The EarthLink toolbar files are placed in the EarthLink folder. The access software files are contained in the ISP folder:

  • In the ISP folder, there are also Simple Switch files: 


  • Here are the typical Access software folders: 

  • BARTSHEL.exe and PPSHARED.exe are in the Browser folder: 


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