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WebMail Version 7
  • Article ID: 263045
  • Last modified date: October 11, 2018 21:10

A new version of EarthLink WebMail will be launching in Nov/Dec of 2018.  The new design will incorporate more modern features while honoring our original look and feel you have come to know.  Additionally, by completely rebuilding the site we are able to modernize the code used to give you a better experience.  The old WebMail design was over a decade old and was limited in what we could do to improve various features.  This article will help you understand what is changing and what is staying the same.    

NOTE:  These designs and images are subject to change.

Overall Look

The changes being made are not radical in nature.  You will find the same general layout you are used to and all of your personal folders will carry over normally. Basic functions like reading emails and handling spam will remain the same. 

New Preferences and Link Options

The old design incorporated a Preferences, Help, Feedback and Sign Out feature just above the features bar as well as links to various websites on the extreme top right of the page.

To help create more usable space on the page, we are moving all of these features to the Google search bar.  This change will mean a bit of change as we move things to icons that are more logical for their functions.  


Features such as Preferences, Help, Feeback, About Webmail and Logging out of WebMail are all being moved to the Cog Icon on the top right.  


With dots representing "other websites", links to pages like MyAccount, Support or the Member Center are being moved to a new center icon.

The myEarthLink Personal Start Page

The link to your myEarthLink Personal Start Page will remain the house icon.

Buttons Rather Than Words

One big notable change will be a move from words to icons for common features like Reply, Forward, etc.  Moving to icons creates a cleaner look for the page and allows us the ability to offer more features in the future without eating up valuable space on the page.  Don't worry if you are not sure what a button does at first.  Simply moving your mouse over the icon will tell you what function it has.  

Each button functions as follows:

More Actions includes Options for Viewing the Headers or Source coding of an email.  This can be helpful for researching spam or rejected email issues.

Writing a New Email

To create a new email, you simply click on the new COMPOSE button on the top left of the page.  You will find the layout of the new Compose page almost identical to the old layout, just with a more modern look and feel.  The only notable change will be for those using multiple signatures.  The option to select a different signature has been moved down to the bottom of the compose window. 

Sorting Email

You can use the Sort button to choose to sort your Inbox by Sender, Subject, Date or Size of the message.

New Preview Option

We are introducing a new preview option that will let you preview emails to the right side of the page.  The option to not preview at all or to preview on the bottom of the page will still be there as well.  You will even have the ability to toggle the view using a new Change Preview Settings button to the far-right side of the page.

Adjustable Frame Sizes!

Something we have heard a lot of feedback about and really wanted to incorporate into this new release is adjustable frame sizes.  The new version of WebMail will allow you to adjust the height and width of your email preview windows to suite your needs.  Just put your cursor on the line between your emails and the preview window, click and hold, and then drag the window up and down or left and right depending on the type of email preview you are using.

More Information To Come!

As we get closer to release, we will detail more changes such as new Email Preview options and adjustable window sizes. Please revisit this article as we get closer to our release in November for more information on new features of WebMail 7. 

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