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The EarthLink/TotalAccess Mailbox Export Tool
The EarthLink-TotalAccess Mailbox Export Tool
  • Article ID: 85571
  • Last modified date: February 15, 2011 7:02

The EarthLink/TotalAccess Mailbox Export tool is used to create versions of your emails stored in the EarthLink/TotalAccess Mailbox that can be easily moved over to another email program such as Windows Live Mail on Windows Vista or Windows 7.

The EarthLink/TotalAccess Mailbox stored email files in a proprietary ".dat" format that only worked with the EarthLink Mailbox program.  While files could be exported from EarthLink Mailbox in a Comma Separated Value (.csv) format as well, CSV files did not include attachments/images and cannot be imported into Windows Live Mail.

If you need to move your old emails and address book out of EarthLink/TotalAccess Mailbox to Windows Live (or another email program) and you want to keep any images or attachments in your emails, the EarthLink Mailbox Export Tool will help you. 

Download the Mailbox Export Tool to the computer where you have EarthLink/TotalAccess Mailbox installed.  If you have already made and export of the Mailbox files in a .dat format, you can install the Export tool to the computer where you have the .dat file and export your mail directly from the export.

*Note:  The MailExport Tool was designed for use with Windows Live Mail.  However, the exported files can be moved over to a number of email clients by simply dragging and dropping the individual files into the email program's Inbox.  This document describes the process for Exporting email to Windows Live Only.

Installing and Running the Mailbox Export Tool

Save the file to your computer's Desktop or a location you will remember.


If you have an Antivirus program installed, it may indicate that the file is not in its records base.  Select the option to download the file anyway.


Locate the file you downloaded and double click it to run the Export tool.  You may be challenged by your Antivirus software again.  This is normal when opening an .exe file.  Select the option to Run the file.


Click Next to start the export.


On the What to Export page, select the Identity you want to export.  For most people this will just be the Main Identity option.  If you have multiple Identities in EarthLink/TotalAccess Mailbox, you will need to run the tool separately for each Identity.

If you previously exported an Archive (.dat) and you want to export those files to a new email program, select the Archive option and browse for the file you exported.  As with Identities, you will have to repeat this process for each Archive you want to export. 

Leave the Export Mail option checked to export email.

Leave the Export Address Book option checked to export your Address Book information.

Click Next when you are ready to continue.


The Export is now complete.  Instructions on what to do next are included on this page as well as in the zip file created on your computer's Desktop with your files.  Those instructions are also included below.

Moving over your old EarthLink/TotalAccess email files to Windows Live

Place the zip file on the Windows7 computer where you are running Windows Live Mail, and unzip the archive (extract all files).  The messages will unzip into a folder named for the exported email profile. (You can either just export the file to your desktop or you can drag and drop the files into a folder of your choosing.)

The Zip File on the computer's Desktop will be the same name as the Identity Exported.

Windows 7 includes a built-in PowerArchiver that will open up the Zip file for you.  Click the Extract button to "unzip" the files to a new folder on your Desktop.

The new folder on your desktop will be the same name as the Identity exported.


Open Windows Live Mail and in the menu at the top click on "File" - "Import" - "Messages". On the dialog that appears, select "Windows Mail" from the list and click Next.


Click the "Browse" button and select the location where you unzipped the exported email.  Click OK.


Click Next on the "Location of Messages" dialog.  A "Select Folders" dialog appears.  Make sure you have "All folders" selected, and click Next.

The messages should now import and appear in your Windows Live Mail Inbox folder.

(Alternatively, you can simply select all the email files in your unzipped folder and drag and drop them into your Windows Live Inbox.)

Importing your Address Book/Contacts to Windows Live Mail

In Windows Live Mail, Click on "Contacts" in the left hand menu of Windows Live Mail.


In the contacts view that opens, click "File" - "Import" - "Comma Separated Values".


The "CSV Import" wizard appears with the "Choose a file to import" dialog displayed.  Click Browse and select the .csv file which you extracted.  It will have the same name as the Identity you exported from Mailbox.  In the example below it is "Main Identity".


Match the EarthLink fields to the most appropriate Windows Live fields (e.g. "Display Name" becomes "Name", "Nick Name" becomes "Nickname", "Default Email" becomes "E-mail Address") and click the "Finish" button.

The contacts should now import and appear in your Windows Live Mail Address Book.

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