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Email Blocked by EarthLink
  • Article ID: 35652
  • Last modified date: January 28, 2019 20:01

Blocked By EarthLink

EarthLink is committed to protecting our customers from spam and viruses.

EarthLink blocks IP addresses once they have been associated with spam. EarthLink does not block domains as a part of this process.

If you are an email administrator or you have a third-party company who hosts your email and you are receiving one of the automated email responses listed below, your email server’s IP address (know as a MX Address) has been prohibited from emailing EarthLink customers:

"There was an SMTP communication problem with the recipient's email server.  Please contact your system administrator.   <(website domain name) #5.5.0 smtp;550 IP (the actual blocked IP Address) is blocked by EarthLink. Go to for details.>"

This could happen for any of several reasons:

  • EarthLink has received numerous complaints about the server that handles your email.
  • The IP address of your email server is dynamic (changes daily).
  • Your IP address has been listed as spam by industry references.


To have the block removed and be able to send email to EarthLink customers, you will need to forward the bounced email to with the subject: Blocked <your email server's IP address> (example:  Blocked  

Please note, it is best if the original sender is the one to forward the message.  The address is not blocked like our customers addresses, so the email will come through to our Abuse team.  If you are not the administrator, you can email the address yourself, but you must know the IP address of the sending mail server and include it in the format shown in order to get the server unblocked.  

The email subject line must be in this format or our servers will not unblock the IP address listed.


NOTE: The blocked server’s IP address will be listed in the bounced message sent back to the original sender and can be found just before the "is blocked by EarthLink" comment in the message.

If for some reason it is not listed, talk with your domain’s email administrator or technical support to get the correct IP address or addresses for the Outgoing Email Server you are using.  Without the IP information, there is no way to unblock their server.  Please note, the IP address is not the same as the domain name.  Domain names may use several servers to send email.  In order to unblock the offending server, we need to know the IP address that was blocked.  That is why it is included in the blocked response to the sender.

Please include the headers and error(s) returned in your original bounced message if possible. Emails not sent in this format may be rejected.

If you are unable to confirm your email server’s IP address, try using a site such as to find it.  However, you may find that your domain has multiple email server IPs.  If this is the case, you will need to submit a unique request for each IP address.

Just put in the domain name and click the MX Lookup button.  The following screen will display any IP addresses associated with your domain’s MX server.

IMPORTANT: Contacting EarthLink outside of this process may result in a delay in resolving your issue. EarthLink Technical Support will not be able to resolve this issue for you.

EarthLink will attempt to process your unblock request within 24-48 business hours providing you are able to provide the necessary information mentioned above.

NOTE: EarthLink’s IP blocks target servers and networks, not email addresses or domains. If and when email blocks are implemented, if someone sends an email message and the sender's IP address or SMTP (outgoing mail) server is on one of these block lists, then the incoming email is blocked. This may result in the refusal of some email that is wanted and/or expected by you. Please understand that we cannot make exceptions for individual senders or EarthLink accounts in that situation, but we will accept requests to remove the block. These requests must contain the bounce message received by the sender, so unblock requests are best submitted by the owner of the server, or the sender of the original email message. 

Additional Information

If your email server has been blocked by EarthLink, you may want to check other third party block lists to see if they have listed your IP as well. Being listed on these block lists could lead to your having problems emailing domains other than EarthLink. 

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