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EarthLink Mailbox FAQ
  • Article ID: 58215
  • Last modified date: August 17, 2010 10:08

This article provides information about the retired EarthLink Mailbox e-mail software.   Also known as the TotalAccess Mailbox, the EarthLink Mailbox was provided as an EarthLink branded e-mail program for customers who installed TotalAccess 2003 through TotalAccess 2005.  The EarthLink Mailbox is compatible with Microsoft Windows 98se, 2000, XP, and Vista (32 bit).

The EarthLink Mailbox is not compatible with any 64 bit operating system.  This includes Vista 64 bit and Windows 7 64 bit operating systems.

Due to various changes in Microsoft Operating system design and message transfer compatibility, EarthLink Mailbox is not officially compatible with Windows 7 32 bit operating systems.  While many  have been able to install it with no issues on a Windows 7 32 bit system, EarthLink cannot offer full technical support for any issues that arise by installing the EarthLink Mailbox on a Windows 7 32 bit system. 

The EarthLink Mailbox software is no longer officially offered to EarthLink customers.  It is considered a retired product, though many people are still using the software.  EarthLink Technical support offers limited support for the EarthLink Mailbox software.

It is not recommended that Windows 7 customers (even 32 bit users) install the Mailbox software.  EarthLink recommends they use the Windows Live Mail software provided by Microsoft.  Windows Live Mail can be downloaded from or by visiting

EarthLink Mailbox FAQ
Common questions
Common questions
What is the EarthLink Mailbox?

EarthLink Mailbox was a stand alone EarthLink email client that used POP3 to check email.  EarthLink Mailbox was installed alongside EarthLink TotalAccess 2003 through 2005.

What operating systems is EarthLink Mailbox compatible with?

Microsoft Windows 98se, 2000, XP, and Vista (32 bit).

EarthLink Mailbox is not compatible with 64 bit operating systems or Mac based systems.

Where can I download EarthLink Mailbox?

EarthLink Mailbox can still be downloaded from  

What is the maximum amount of mail I can download off the server and store in EarthLink Mailbox.

2 Gigs is the maximum storage inside the EarthLink Mailbox client.  After that point, Mailbox will not be able to download anymore messages from EarthLink.

I have Windows 7, can I install EarthLink Mailbox?

EarthLink Mailbox was not designed for Windows 7.  If you have the 32 bit version of Windows 7, you may be able to install it with no issues.  Some customers have reported that even on the 32 bit version of Windows they run into a compatibility error from the Windows 7 operating system. 

Due to a difference in the overall design of the operating system, you will not be able to install EarthLink Mailbox on the 64 bit version of Windows 7

EarthLink Support offers limited support for Mailbox on Windows 7 if it installs successfully.  That support is limited to setting up the software to check your e-mail and providing tips on how to use the software.  EarthLink support will not troubleshoot any software compatibility errors that occur on Windows 7.

I have Windows 7 or Windows Vista and want to download my email to my computer, what email program can I use?

Windows 7 was the first modern Windows Operating System to ship without an included email program.  However, Microsoft provides Windows Live Mail free for download at the Windows Live website.  Windows Live Email can be downloaded from  Very similar to Outlook Express, Windows Live Email provides you the ability to download and send email from a program on your Windows 7 computer.  

Windows Live Email is fully compatible with EarthLink Email, though you cannot directly import messages from EarthLink Mailbox to EarthLink Live Email as Microsoft stopped supporting the importation of Comma Separated Value files that were used previously in Outlook Express and EarthLink Mailbox for transferring email to other programs.

I previously used EarthLink Mailbox and now have Windows Live Mail on Windows 7/Vista. How do I move my downloaded emails over from EarthLink Mailbox to Windows 7 or another Windows 7 compatible email program?
EarthLink Mailbox allowed me to directly access my EarthLink spamBlocker settings. Can I do that in Windows Live Mail or another email program?

Outside of EarthLink Mailbox, spamBlocker settings are only available at EarthLink’s Web Mail page.  If you need to check your Suspect or Known Spam folders or make any adjustments to your spamBlocker settings, you will need to go to EarthLink Web Mail.

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