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EarthLink's Touch-Fill-Go App for the iPhone or iPod Touch
EarthLink's Touch-Fill-Go App for the iPhone or iPod Touch
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  • Last modified date: January 28, 2010 13:01

The Touch-Fill-Go App lets you capture almost any kind of form or document or import an image from the device's photo library. 

Forms can be completed on the go, include a person’s own signature, and be emailed as a PDF file or shared with other Touch-Fill-Go users wirelessly via Bluetooth. 

With Touch-Fill-Go, you can also make copies of documents and edit them at a later time, making it easy to complete the same form for multiple uses and individualize any necessary information.


EarthLink Touch-Fill-Go iPhone app
Common Questions
Common Questions
What are the key features of Touch-Fill-Go?

Key features of Touch-Fill-Go include:

  • Tap a field on the form and Touch-Fill-Go automatically detects the type and length of the field and creates a new text box or users can manually add, size and place single-line, multi-line, checkbox and "annotation" fields where they want.

  • An annotation field allows the users to draw a signature, or other picture, with a finger and easily position and size it.

  • Align, crop and adjust the brightness and contrast of a document image.

  • Touch-Fill-Go remembers words and terms used before and will show matches in a drop down as a user types, or offer select terms from a managed favorites list, including an easy method for inserting today’s date.

  • For multi-page documents, simply take a picture of each page of a document and put all the pages into a group. Touch-Fill-Go will create a multi-page PDF out of the group when it's exported.

  • Easily make copies of forms, change the font style and size used to fill them out, edit in portrait or landscape mode, and select the print size for the exported PDF document.

  • Share Touch-Fill-Go documents via Bluetooth with other Touch-Fill-Go users, either as exact copies or even as "template" documents with the text of the fields removed.

  • Secure the entire app with the option to set a password.


How do I get Touch-Fill-Go?

The Touch-Fill-Go App is available for $4.99 from the Apple App Store on iPhone and iPod touch devices or at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/touch-fill-go/id344574733?mt=8/ (iTunes must be installed).

How do I get support for Touch-Fill-Go?

Support for the EarthLink Touch-Fill-Go application is only provided via email.  Questions regarding support for EarthLink Touch-Fill-Go should be sent to iphonesupport@earthlink.net.

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