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Using a Home Security System with DSL or DSL and Home Phone Service
  • Article ID: 35976
  • Last modified date: December 6, 2011 11:12

Using Your Security System with Your Service

Home security systems with dial-out alert capability are often installed IN-LINE.  This means that the phone line comes into your home, goes into your alarm box, comes out, and continues to your junction box. The alarm system, whether active, standby or unpowered, is not providing you with a clean connection. 

Although you can get DSL Sync with this method, the alarm system can reduce some of the high frequencies required for high speed, leaving you with poor performance or worse.

If your home has an alarm, it must have some type of filter or splitter to isolate the alarm signal from your DSL.  Isolate your alarm system by connecting it to microfilters, or by connecting your voice circuit to a splitter - as you would any other phone in your house.

NOTE: The alarm must be isolated even if the service is not being used.

If you have an alarm system, please contact your alarm monitoring service to inform them of your DSL installation.

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