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How to Set Up Wireless for Your EarthLink DSL Service
How to Set Up Wireless for Your EarthLink DSL Service
  • Article ID: 206608
  • Last modified date: June 17, 2013 18:06

Setting up Your Wireless Router for DSL

This article is a step by step tutorial to show you how to set up your DSL connection for use with a wireless router. 

Setting up your Wireless Router

First, you should print out these instructions before you begin as you will temporarily lose your internet connection during the set up process. 


Make sure your DSL modem is set to "Bridge Mode". This allows your DSL connection to be handled by your wireless router; in essence you're building a bridge that travels over/above your modem so your connection will be directed to your wireless router. 


Instructions on setting up Bridge Mode can be found here


Follow the instructions included on your wireless router to make sure the cables are installed properly. 


Generally speaking:


A phone cable should go from your wall jack to your DSL modem.


An ethernet cable should go from your modem to your wireless router.


Another ethernet cable should go from your router to your computer. 


It should look something like this:





After installing the modem and wireless devices properly, you'll need to set up your wireless router so it is on EarthLink's network. In order to do this, you'll have to get to the wireless router's home page. 


Most routers have a default IP address of - if you type this address into your internet browser, most of the time you will gain access to your router so you can change the settings. 


If you enter into your browser and don't see the router homepage, you'll need to obtain the proper IP address for your router. 


You can do a simple google search to obtain this from any public website. Enter something like "Default IP address for XYZ Brand/Model Router".


After you find the IP address, enter that address into your browser and you should be able to get to the router homepage so you can begin the set up process. 


If you still cannot access the homepage, you'll have to contact your router manufacturer for assistance.


Once you've gained access to your wireless router's homepage, you may be asked to "unlock" the router with a user name and password. This varies from brand to brand, so you may have to do another google search to find this information. Many models use "admin" as both the user name and password, so you can try that. 


Again, if you're unable to locate that information you'll need to contact your wireless router manufacturer. 



After getting to the router homepage, then unlocking it, you'll now need to set the WAN signaling protocol to PPPoE. This sounds like a daunting task but it is very simple. 


Your router should have a drop down on one of the menus that shows options like DHCP, PPPoE, L2TP, etc. This drop down is usually located under a menu called either "Basic Set Up" or "WAN Settings". 


After you find this drop down, choose PPPoE. 


Your router should then display new fields where you are asked to enter your EarthLink user name and password. 


These fields need to be populated with your EarthLink email address and EarthLink password. 


You should then have a screen displayed showing that you have successfully set up your wireless router. Congratulations!!!


If you need any further assistance with the specifics of setting up your wireless router, please contact your manufacturer or search online for instructions. 

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