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EarthLink DSL and Home Phone Service FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions FAQ
  • Article ID: 32938
  • Last modified date: January 4, 2012 8:01
EarthLink DSL and Home Phone Service FAQ
EarthLink DSL and Home Phone Service FAQ
EarthLink DSL and Home Phone Service FAQ
Can other VoIP services be used alongside EarthLink DSL & Home Phone?

Yes, traditional VoIP services that work through an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) will operate as normal. These services will transmit data over your DSL service and may be used to secure a second or third phone number.

What is the Difference Between the Two Types of Call Forwarding?

Standard call forwarding allows forwarding of one telephone number to one other telephone number, either locally or long distance. Enhanced call forwarding is an additional-cost service that allows forwarding to up to five different phone numbers to assure the call will be answered. This feature is discussed in article 37040.

When Switching to VoIP, Does my Telephone Number Get Listed in the Phone Book?

Yes. At the time of sign-up, you will be given the following options: 

  • Have the number listed or not (if it is new) or
  • Keep it listed (if the number is being ported from another provider).
Is There an Option to Have my Number Listed or Unlisted?

To change the listing status of your telephone number, chat with one of our representatives.

Can I Accept Incoming Collect Calls?

No. Our VoIP network does not include a billing mechanism for collect calls.

Do Incoming Calls Count Against the 500 Minutes Allowed on the Basic Bill Plan?

No. Only outgoing calls made to a non-EarthLink telephone number will count against the 500 minute plan. Outgoing calls to EarthLink Support will not count toward your total either.

Will EarthLink DSL and Home Phone Service Work With Fax Machines, Home Security Systems, and TiVo?

Yes. These analog devices that send data across the voice line should function just as they would over traditional service from the local telephone company. Visit EarthLink Voice Using Other Services for instructions.

Will DSL & Home Phone Service Work in the Event of a Power Outage?

The Voice portion of your service will continue to work without local power. Telephones are powered by our equipment at the Telco's central office, similar to traditional phone service. The DSL portion of this service requires local power  and will not function in a power outage.

Do 911 Emergency Calls Work With EarthLink DSL & Home Phone Service?

Yes. EarthLink passes on your registered home address to 911 operators just as the local phone company does.

Can I Make 900# Calls?

No. Our VoIP network does not include a billing mechanism for 900 calls.

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