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Welcome to EarthLink Cable
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Welcome to EarthLink Cable!

You've made the right choice for superior online performance, control, and protection!

Service Features
Getting Started
Managing Your Account
Getting Help


Service Features

Your EarthLink High Speed Cable Internet service includes the following features:

  • 20 hours of dial-up access per month--connect when you travel
  • 8 email addresses--enough for the whole family
  • spamBlocker--block virtually 100% of spam
  • Protection Control Center (PCC) - protect your computer against online threats
  • Virus Blocker--monitor your incoming email to protect your computer
  • Instant messaging--stay in touch with all your online buddies
  • 10MB of Web space per email address--so you can create your own Web sites
  • Personal Web Space--build your Web site with this easy tool--no need to know HTML
  • Visit the EarthLink Member Center today to learn more!

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Getting Started

Once your cable Internet service has been established, getting started with your EarthLink service is easy as setting up your Internet connection, email, and Personal Start Page:

Establish Your Service
Your cable company will contact you regarding your cable Internet installation. If you have any questions, please contact your cable company directly. Cable Company Phone Numbers

Set up Your EarthLink Email
With your EarthLink account, you can create up to eight different email addresses. Each email address has its own password and provides access to email, EarthLink's spamBlocker, and a customizable Personal Start Page.
Create an Additional Email Address

When you're away from your computer, you can check your EarthLink email anytime and anywhere there's an Internet connection with Web Mail.
Go to Web Mail

Set Up Your Personal Start Page
Each email address comes with its own Personal Start Page (PSP), where you can choose the content you want including, news, stocks, weather, and more--all at one convenient location. Your PSP lives online, so you can get to it--and feel right at home--wherever there's an Internet connection.
Set Up Your Personal Start Page

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Managing Your Account

Please contact your cable company regarding your cable Internet service bill.
Cable Company Phone Numbers

You can easily keep track of any added services directly billed by EarthLink on your My Account Web page. Just sign in with your primary EarthLink email address and password and you can instantly:

  • View your current balance and past invoices
  • Update your billing and contact information
  • Make a one-time payment

Go to My Account
EarthLink Billing FAQ

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Getting Help

If you are having problems with your cable modem, visit Cable Connection Issues for troubleshooting information or you can contact your cable company's customer service.
Cable Company Phone Numbers

If you ever need help with technical issues such as using your EarthLink email, or using the Internet, feel free to search the Support Center and/or trade real-time messages with a friendly Live Chat representative: Live Chat.

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