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Frequently Asked Questions about DSL Taxes and Fees
  • Article ID: 33086
  • Last modified date: October 22, 2009 10:10


What do I need to know about taxes and fees on my EarthLink DSL service?


If you have any additional tax questions, click here to send us an email.

How will I be affected by taxes and fees?
While your EarthLink Internet access plan still costs the same it always did, your bill now includes additional charges-- for applicable taxes and fees. Because of this, the total you pay to EarthLink every month will now be different and EarthLink will pass a portion of that total on to state and local authorities.

Do other companies charge tax on their Internet service?
While we are not sure how all of our competitors build their fees or structure their invoices, we know that many, including ISPs and telephone companies, do charge taxes on the telecommunications portion of DSL.

How will my new charges appear on my invoice?
In the past, we have displayed your EarthLink DSL account as a single monthly service charge on your invoice. However, your DSL service consists of two different elements: a telecommunications service and Internet access-- each of which may be subject to taxes and/or fees in certain state and local jurisdictions.

Because of this, we will begin to separate these two elements of your DSL service into separate line-items on your invoice. When you add these two line-items together, they will add up to your regular monthly service fee.

Beneath this, your new taxes and/or fees will appear as additional line-items on your EarthLink email or paper invoice.

How will my new charges appear on my credit card, bank statement, etc.?
Unlike your invoice, your credit card bill or bank account statement will reflect only your total monthly invoice amount. This total amount will represent your monthly service price plus applicable taxes and/or fees.

What will my new bill total be?
All DSL customers wil l incur a universal service fund recovery charge; some will also be taxed for the telecommunications service and/or Internet access portion of their service.

The exact amount of your taxes and/or fees is based on the taxing statutes and regulations of your state and/or local jurisdiction and the universal service fund fee. To verify or change your address just click on My Account, select "Billing" and then "Change address information".

I have additional EarthLink services. Will they be taxed?

Product Taxed?
Additional mailboxes No
800 usage Yes
International roaming No
Additional webspace No
Home Networking No
Static IP No
Additional mailboxes No
Additional mailboxes No

Note: If you incur charges associated with dial up access (e.g., you exceed the free dial up hours included with your DSL service) in one of the following states, those charges may also be taxed: WI, TN, NM, ND, SD, TX, VA.

This account is used for my business, which is tax-exempt. How do I provide my exemption certificate to EarthLink?
You will need to submit a valid tax exemption certificate from your state via fax to the EarthLink Tax Department at 404-287-4908. You may also mail a copy of your certificate to:

Tax Department (1A7-51)
EarthLink, Inc.
Level A
1375 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30309

Please note: To process your tax exemption certificate as quickly as possible, please include your contact information (name, telephone number, fax number, email address) so that our tax department can reach you if there are any questions.

Your tax-exempt status will be reflected on your next invoice/billing cycle. If you do not yet have your exemption certificate, you should contact the Department of Revenue in the state in which your business is located to submit a request to receive documentation of your exempt status.

If you have any additional tax questions, or need help verifying or correcting your addres s information, please click here to send us an email.

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